High Performance Parts – Materials, Process & Software

AREVO serves the manufacturing needs of engineers who develop products for the most demanding applications in the world. For these products, the right materials can create brand-differentiating performance. The genesis of AREVO was a multi-year scientific investigation of a key segment of these materials – the highest performance polymers and composites in the world. While the initial goal was to unlock the benefits of additive manufacturing for these materials, what spun out of the materials engineering effort were parallel R&D tracks in process and software. The outcome is new levels of performance for not only the additive industry, but also for the engineering materials space as a whole.

The Next Dimension in 3D Printing

AREVO has developed the highest performance thermoplastic & composite additive manufacturing technology available today – Reinforced Filament Fusion Technology™. This technology is the culmination of improvements in materials, hardware & software and discovered synergies therein that enabled a leap forward in the state-of-the-art. While material and hardware developments were crucial, specialized software created synergies by enabling unprecedented control of materials and processes. Paramount to part performance is the user who, for the first time, has the ability to optimize parts by inputting functional performance values (e.g. directional stress) into the cloud software. AREVO Lab’s finite element analysis (FEA) algorithm then evaluates part geometry, material properties, hardware capabilities and toolpath orientations to converge on the ultimate outcome to achieve the user’s needs. AREVO just integrated the next Dimension into 3D printing – functional performance of the 3D object being manufactured.

3D Printers & Reinforced Filament Fusion Technology™

Engineers pushing the envelope of materials and design for demanding applications have the most to gain from Reinforced Filament Fusion Technology™. Depending on a client’s manufacturing needs, AREVO’s engineers can produce parts on a variety of Reinforced Filament Fusion Technology™ 3D printers; including both cartesian machines (of differing specialties) and advanced additive manufacturing cells powered by robotic arms. When it comes to direct manufacturing, one box doesn’t fit all production needs – and sometimes it’s not a box at all.

Factory of the Future & Supply Chain Evolution

Additive manufacturing has just begun to unlock opportunities for improvements in the supply chain and especially on the factory floor. From robotic arms 3D printing in automated manufacturing work cells to large format structural composite 3D printers producing preassembled composite replacements for complex metal frames – AREVO’s technology is a major step toward the promise of additive manufacturing. AREVO is leading additive manufacturing into the factories of the future and enabling the decentralization of manufacturing to bring production closer to consumption.

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