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Automotive Innovation and AREVO

Good article on race car designer Matti Holtzberg’s innovative composite engine and the role of AREVO materials and technology. Included is some interesting discussion of automotive innovation, light-weighting / metal replacement, Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards and the future of commercial automotive design:

3d printed part, composites and racecar

AREVO 3D Printed Composite Automotive Engine Runner on the cover of Design-2-Part Magazine

Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) Silicon Valley Highlights 3D Printing for Medical Applications

Thank you to the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) Silicon Valley for asking our Material Science Lead, Riley Reese, to speak at the 2015 SME Medical Device Trends Conference in Santa Clara. Riley’s background as an Engineer at Stryker Endoscopy and now Co-founder, Engineering for Arevo Labs provides him with a well grounded perspective into the current state of and future opportunities for additive manufacturing in healthcare. Here is the video of Riley’s presentation: