High Performance Applications Demanding Ultra Strong 3D Printed Parts

Engineers pushing the envelope of materials and design for demanding applications have the most to gain from AREVO high performance additive manufacturing material, software and equipment. Parts for these demanding applications often benefit from design freedoms and advantages made possible only by additive manufacturing:

  • New potential geometries available by removing design for manufacturability (DFM) limitations associated with conventional manufacturing
  • Combining multiple parts into one to reduce assembly cost, weight and part count (integrating structural members and functional systems, etc.)
  • Lightweighting with meshes, honeycombs and variable density parts
  • Decentralized or distributed manufacturing to bring production closer to consumption
  • Accelerating new product introductions with reduced lead times for production parts and no barriers to product updates
  • Eliminating costs associated with conventional low volume production processes (waste and setup costs of machining; tooling, minimums and setup costs of injection molding)

When transitioning to additive manufacturing from conventional manufacturing technologies (e.g. injection molding and CNC machining) requirements Arevo Labs can address are:

  • Parts must be equal to or better than existing production quality
  • Parts require high precision at critical features
  • Part production requires low equipment run rates to hit cost targets
  • Parts with unusual sizes and shapes
  • Parts or batches of parts have variable geometries
  • Individual parts would benefit from multiple materials for differing performance characteristics at certain features
  • Production will need to take place at a non-traditional manufacturing site
  • Integration of additional processes would add significant value to the additive manufacturing cell
  • Additive process would add significant value to a preexisting manufacturing cell


  • Light-Weighting
  • Compound Parts
  • FST, Thermal and ESD Properties
  • Metal Replacement
  • Onsite On-Demand Production
  • Part Count Reduction
  • Reduced Tooling and Change Costs
  • Drones

honeycomb 3d printed composite PEEK material



  • Mass Customization / Patient Specific Parts
  • Optimized Structures
  • Efficient Material Utilization
  • Metal Part Replacement
  • Implants, Single-Use & Devices

3D printed PEEK implantable part

3d printed biocompatible PEEK composite implantable medical part

biocompatible 3D printed PEEK composite medical bone plate


Oil & Gas

  • Reduced Down Time
  • Superior Performance
  • Chemical Resistance
  • Harsh Environments


3d printed oil and gas industry PEEK polymer part for downhole application


  • On Demand Service & Spare Parts
  • Low Volume Production Parts
  • Legacy Equipment Support

3d printed composite industrial bracket for factory application


Factory Automation, Jigs, Fixtures & Assembly Tools

  • Maximize Assembly Line Efficiency
  • Rapid Jigs & Fixtures Deployment
  • Ergonomic Improvements
  • ESD Properties
  • Maximum Durability
  • Maximum Dimensional Stability

3d printed composite part for factory fixture