Additive Manufacturing Software

Stronger, Lighter and Lower Cost Composite Parts

AREVO is the first to develop intelligent cloud-based Additive Manufacturing Software to enable true three dimensional printing with precise control of carbon fiber orientation and predictive strength analysis. The result is smart three dimensional toolpaths that enable stronger and lighter weight composite parts at a lower cost. And for ultimate design and manufacturing scalability, AREVO software supports both cartesian and Robotic Arm Based Additive Manufacturing Equipment.

True 3D™ Printing

Until now additive manufacturing has been limited to printing horizontal planar layers. This method results in low Z axis strength and poor surface quality, not acceptable for production quality parts. AREVO solves this problem by implementing true 3D toolpaths with the ability to print continuously along curved surfaces as in the figure below.

additive manufacturing software

Additive Finite Element Analysis (AFEA)

Additive manufacturing offers the flexibility of constructing a part with a multitude of possible toolpath geometries. AREVO true 3D toolpaths increase the possibilities exponentially. To realize the benefits that these capabilities enable, AREVO has developed Additive Finite Element Analysis (AFEA). AFEA incorporates toolpath geometries into FEA to predict mechanical and thermal performance and converge on the optimal toolpath for additively manufactured parts.

The bracket in the video below demonstrates a 47% gain in strength with an optimized toolpath.

 Conventional Additive Manufacturing SoftwareArevo Labs Additive Manufacturing Software
True 3D Construction with Multi-Axis Toolpaths (5+ Axes)NoYes - Higher Strength in Z Direction, Improved Surface Finish
Smart toolpath using Additive Strength Analysis & OptimizationNoYes - Judicious Use of Material Results in Lighter Weight at Equivalent Strength
Supports Robotic Arm Based Additive Manufacturing PlatformNoYes - Scalable Platform for Constructing Large Aerospace Structures