Additive Manufacturing Services

AREVO Ultra Strong Additive Manufactured Composite Parts Fabricated with Reinforced Filament Fusion Technology™

3d printed PEEK and PAEK composite partsFor high-value applications, material and manufacturing methods are as important to performance as the geometry of the part. For optimal performance, these applications require ultra-specialized materials and manufacturing technologies – the development of which is AREVO’s primary focus.

Arevo’s Additive Manufacturing Service leverages proprietary material, software and Reinforced Filament Fusion Technology™ equipment to create parts for high-value applications that cannot be produced with any other manufacturing technology.

Leveraging the domain expertise, technical resources and deep applications knowledge of the engineering team, Arevo Labs partners with customers to deliver optimally performing production parts.

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Additive Manufacturing Materials:

MaterialBase PolymerCompositePrimary Industries
Quantevo™ - CF
Quantevo™ - ESD
PAEK additive optimized formulationUnfilled
Carbon Fiber
Carbon Nanotubes
Aerospace, Medical, Jigs & Fixtures
Katevo™ - CF
Carbon Fiber
Oil & Gas
Xanevo™ - GFPARAGlass FiberMedical - Single Use & Surgical Tools




“Our drone arm printed with AREVO PEEK-CF material {Katevo – CF} with no internal structure is much stronger than the carbon fibre filled SLS arm with inner reinforcing ribs”

-Ido Baruchin, Head of Design, Matternet {a drone transportation company}


“Fabricating high performance composite parts with 3D printing opens up new design opportunities for us. The two main advantages are improved complex geometries and new material possibilities.”

-Kent Holder, Product Line Manager, Superior Energy

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