Robotic Additive Manufacturing

Robotic Additive Manufacturing Platform (RAMP) for 3D Printing Complex Composite Parts

AREVO’s first-of-its-kind turnkey RAMP solution consists of a Robotic Additive Manufacturing Cell, Ultra Strong Composite Material and a comprehensive CAM Software Suite.

The Robotic Additive Manufacturing Cell employs a standard commercially available six-axis robotic arm and a composite deposition end-effector with advanced thermal management technology for processing high-performance carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic.

AREVO’s Ultra Strong continuous carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic composite is more than five times stronger than titanium, tolerates extreme temperatures and is highly chemical resistant.

Arevo’s software suite includes:

  • CAM software to convert CAD models to a set of additive deposition instructions for the robot. Software is capable of six degrees of freedom, enabling true 3D additive manufacturing.
  • A precise kinematics simulator that interprets deposition instructions to validate and optimize part construction.

The platform’s multi-axis toolpaths enable, for the first time, production quality parts constructed with true 3D surfaces in variable orientations. The resulting parts have strength and aesthetics superior to those made with conventional Cartesian based additive manufacturing equipment and software.

additive manufacturing software

True 3D Surfaces for Multi-Axis Toolpaths

In addition to expanded design possibilities, the AREVO’s RAMP maximizes size scalability and production efficiency. Key enabling technologies include automation and secondary process integration within manufacturing work cells. Depending upon the size of the robot, the part build envelope is scalable from 1 cubic foot (.03 cubic meters) to 283 cubic feet (8 cubic meters).

 Conventional Additive Manufacturing EquipmentArevo Labs Robotic Additive Manufacturing Platform
True 3D Construction with Multi-Axis Toolpaths (5+ Axes)NoYes - Higher Strength, Improved Surface Finish and Advanced Part Properties
Optimization of Part Performance NoYes - Judicious Use of Material Results in Lighter Weight at Equivalent Strength or Greater Strength at Equivalent Weight (Platform Integrates with AREVO's Additive Strength Analysis & Optimization Software)
Scalable Build Envelope NoYes - Scalable Platform for Constructing a Wide Range of Parts Including Large Aerospace Structures
Automation & Secondary Process CompatibleLimited IntegrationYes - Platform can be Integrated with Automation and Other Manufacturing Technologies