Additive Manufacturing / 3D Printing of PEEK Composite Parts


Advanced Materials, Intelligent Software and Additive Manufacturing Technology to make Ultra-Strong and Lightweight Composite Parts. AREVO 3D Printed Carbon Fiber Composite Parts are enabling disruptive applications in Robotics, Transportation, Consumer Electronics, and Aerospace Industries.

Additive Manufacturing Materials

We tailor materials to optimize mechanical, thermal and electrical properties of printed objects. Our Advanced, Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymers make parts stronger, lighter and more durable.

Additive Manufacturing Software

Our intelligent cloud-based software tunes material properties of 3D printed objects. Our proprietary True 3D™ algorithms optimize fiber placement in true 3D orientations to derive the ultimate strength - resulting in production parts with unique characteristics that cannot be made with conventional manufacturing techniques. And for ultimate design and manufacturing scalability, our software supports Robotic Arm Based Additive Manufacturing Platforms.

Additive Manufacturing Equipment

New materials, new software advances and new production environments demanded development of a new class of 3D printers. From small medical implants to large aerospace structures, our scalable additive equipment is manufacturing the next generation of 3D printed parts. And we thought outside the box.

Composite Part Manufacturing

We 3D print the highest performance thermoplastic composite parts available today for our OEM partners. By leveraging new freedom of design and material possibilities, our customers are raising the bar of performance in their respective fields.

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